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Started in 2016 to provide a social focus for SurfSide’s customers and to issue Historic Registrations for classic motorcycles the club has grown to include the full spectrum of riders. 

Classic, custom, big, small, road, dirt, race, 2-stroke and everything else on two wheels the club’s guiding mantra is one of inclusion – “it doesn’t matter what you ride – what matters is that you ride”.

Our Committee is responsible for organizing our ride calendar which has included cross-town Sunday coffee cruises, rides to places like Pie in the Sky and the Robinson Pie Shop, overnight trips up the coast, drag racing, trips to festivals like Ironfest and the Illawarra Airshow – basically whatever the members want to do we try and bring that to life.

The Motorcycle Show’n Shines that have been a big part of SurfSide’s DNA since day one are also part of the Club activities with members getting preference for entry and display.

Covid did disrupt activity for a while but we are determined to get back out and have some fun in 2022.

We also have a dedicated social space in SurfSide – the “UltraLounge” which is the mezzanine floor above the showroom where members can drop in at any time for a catch up.

Joining is easy – drop in and introduce yourself at SurfSide and we can sort it from there. The Club also has an email address –

Feel free to send through an email if you have any questions.

A small selection of photos from our adventures over the past few years.

Our Patron - Mr Lester Morris - 74 years riding and one of Australia's most respected motorcycling journalists & his charming wife Lynne.





0451 959 965

(02) 9905 4755

42 Winbourne Road, Brookvale NSW 2100

Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 5:30pm 
Saturday 8.30am – 2:00pm
Sunday: Closed – as we’ll be out on our bikes!

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