Every shop needs an expert and we have that man – Trevor Love.

Trev is one of the owners of SurfSide and has spent the past 40 years twirling spanners on both sides of the Tasman.

Trev started work at Keith Turner Motorcycles (Keith was 2nd to Agostini in the 1970 World Championship). Turners were a Benelli importer who also sold Norton, Triumph & Suzuki.

Trev did an apprenticeship (75-80), moved to Sydney and worked a Cyclecraft Motorcycles Bondi (as all Kiwis do when they move to Sydney).

Trev moved onto Action Suzuki where he also worked on the race team. This tied in with Trev’s fascination with sidecar racing – started out as swinger but ending up in the saddle! He also dabbled in speedway solos.

From Action Suzuki Trev went to become a full time race mechanic for Matich Racing (early 80”s) . They were the Pirelli World Test Team – this meant that the team did the new tyre testing for Pirelli globally.

Next was Uptown Motorcycles in Newton (Hannan Bros) – this was the shop that supplied the Yoshimura parts for Croz’s 80’s race bikes.

Welbank Yamaha followed – as head mechanic and race team engineer for Aaron Slight & Rob Doran.  Trev prepared the NZ Castrol 6 Hour race winner for 1987.

Trev opened Love Motorcycles in the 1990’s and then moved to the country for a while. While out at Camden Trev was workshop foreman for MacArthur Motorcycles.

Two years as a teacher at TAFE followed and then Trev took a break from motorcycles for a brief period.

The scent of Castrol R as he was mowing the lawns one weekend made him see that he was meant to be back in the workshop and he now is Owner/Manager and Workshop Head at SurfSide Motor Cycle Garage. If things go to form you may well see an historic race team before too long.

Trev’s experience covers just about every motorcycling related that you can think of – feel free to drop by to chat or call the shop.


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