Open for 2107 on Tuesday, 3 Jan at 8.30 am

Hi All – Hope the festive season is seeing you getting in plenty of riding and socializing. SurfSide motorcycle garage will be open for business again on Tuesday, 3 Jan at 8.30 am.

During the break we are busy repainting the workshop to give the shop a fresh look and feel for the new year. We have lots planned for 2017 – more shows, more events with the SurfSide Motorcycle Club, more special bike builds and, as usual, a business focused on keeping you on the road and enjoying riding – Australia is one of the best countries in the world for all year adventures on two wheels – stay safe and see you next week.

regards – Trev, Rob & RoadRat


Surfside Bike Show2

Surfside Bike Show1

Surfside Bike Show2


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