Interceptor Review

Interceptor Review

Maria Visconti ……. Adventure Motorcyclist

Maria Visconti has 30,000 Km of adventure motorcycling under her belt. She has ridden the width and breath of India and has spent 6 months  of each year for the last 2 years on Himalayan roads. She doesn’t do it alone though. In fact, she rides pillion…

With her veteran rider partner and on an Enfield Bullet, they document life on remote villages of the Indian Himalayas -many at above 4000m altitude- where Buddhist monasteries cling to vertigo inducing cliffs and snow leopards hunt for prey in plain daylight.

In love with Enfield motorcycles, she has come to the Surfside Garage for the Demo Day featuring the new member of the Enfield family: the Interceptor twin engine, 650cc. She has ridden Bullets, Thunderbirds and Himalyans. She says:

“I just love the pat-pat-pat of the single cylinder engines. It’s like music to my ears. Something I grew to identify with adventure, danger, exhilaration and altitude. But I’m eager to try the new machine. I heard from Peter Weste that a single piston is like a solo performance while the twin engine sounds like having the whole band on stage. 

This is a step into another era for Royal Enfield and the result of years of experimentation and design. Siddharth Lal, Royal Enfield’s CEO, has revolutionised a classic. 

Still keeping the same classy look and  the easy and elegant riding posture for the rider, the Interceptor is powerful with a velvety gear change. 

And as for the sound? Well yes. Peter was right. We got the whole band through two exhaust pipes. 

The final verdict?

Awesome motorcycle. Versatile, agile and powerful. Talking to Brian at the Surfside Garage-a Harley Davidson man and a regular here-  he enthusiastically expressed his admiration for the new design and the accessible pricing.

Let’s hope to see more Interceptors on Australian roads!

…… Maria Visconti