Servicing customer bikes and keeping them in top form is one of the main reasons SurfSide was set up.

We aren’t a dealer or tied to a specific brand. We don’t have favorite bikes – we like them all. If it has two wheels and an engine we can service or maintain it.

This includes modern bikes – late model Ducati’s, Hondas & Harleys – plus every other brand in the market.

We love variety – one of the special things about our business is that the bikes in the shop are all different – 1970 BSA, 2009 Triumph or 1982 CBX – we work on them all.  I can’t think of a job we have turned away which is important as many modern dealerships do not have the experience to deal with older bikes or bikes outside their own franchise.

Feel free to call the shop (99045 4755) and chat about your bike – that’s why we are here!!


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