Restoring classic bikes and customizing motorcycles to their owners vision is definitely one of the most enjoyable parts of our business.

Taking a barn find or sad and neglected bike from the back of the shed and returning it to its former glory is a very satisfying experience for both the owner and SurfSide.

The interesting thing is that this process doesn’t have to cost the earth – it can be done in stages or split between shop and owner. It is a very personal journey restoring a bike – maybe it was Dad’s old bike or that special model that you have wanted for 20 years.

Most old bikes can run much better than you expect – it is often a case of fine tuning or maintenance. Making sure wire wheels are properly tensioned is an often overlooked first step.

Drop by and chat about your plans or feel free to call us – often mapping out a pre-purchase strategy can save a lot of time and money.

We have restored most bikes from obscure Laverdas to vintage Triumphs. 1980’s bikes are getting quite tired now and we are seeing more of these in for a “makeover” – we always have a couple of projects on the go so feel free to call and how the process works.


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