Motorcycle repairs – this phrase covers a universe of possible options which we are uniquely placed to navigate.

Many owners of classic, veteran or simply older bikes have trouble getting regular dealers to service their bike or even give them the time of day.

That is one of the main reasons we have set up SurfSide Motorcycle Garage – to repair, maintain, modify & restore bike of all ages and makes.

We have worked on HRD Vincents and rebuilt Honda CBX engines. We know two stroke, four stroke, single, twin, triple, four & six cylinder engines.

Because we specialize in older and classic bikes we also have one of the best spare parts networks going.

Feel free to call by or ring our workshop to discuss your plans – we often do some work on a bike and return it to the owner for them to do some themselves. We also love a challenge – if your Grandad’s old bike has been in the garage gathering cobwebs for the past 20 years don’t worry we can get it going, registered and back to full power.


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