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2 Stroke Ride-In V2

Our next event will be on Sunday,April 2, & is a 2 Stroke Ride-In.

This is different to a Show’n Shine in that there are no trophies – this is more of a gathering of like minded riders to appreciate their special interests. We will have a few of these this year as they proved very popular last year – Classic Superbikes & Ducati Day being memorable examples.

2 Strokes hold different meaning to different people depending on whether your interest lies on the road, track or dirt. Classic or high-tech these are special machines that stir something that no 4 stroke can quite match.

All of the workshop team own at least one two-stroke (or more) so we are on common ground.

Come down between 10 an & 2 pm. Stay for as little or long as you want & enjoy the haze.


Trev, Rob & RoadRat

Posted on Mar 14, 2016


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