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1979 Honda CBX 1000   vin no CB1200550  eng no CB1E-2005689

  • ultra low mileage of 7,000 miles
    – Imported from heated garage in california 2009 from a deceased estate
    – Sat for 14 years till
    it was eventually prized it out of the familys hands
    – Since then it has been well looked after – new brake pads,new petcock, front and rear caliper rebuilds, carbs completely  rebuilt, $6000 on top end motor rebuild.
    Runs like a brand new bike as the mileage suggests. All parts used are genuine Honda factory parts
    Brand new tank and paint, original exhaust. New tyres fitted as well.

A stunning looking bike and that rides like new – this should be in a museum. You won’t buy better than this. $20,000


IMAG2897 IMAG2898 IMAG2899 IMAG2900 IMAG2901 IMAG2902 IMAG2903 IMAG2904 IMAG2905 IMAG2906 IMAG2907 IMAG2908 IMAG2909 IMAG2910 IMAG2911


Posted on Mar 23, 2014


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